K-ETA for participants from visa waiver and visa-free countries

Nationals of Poland must have a Korea Electronic Travel Authorization (K-ETA) obtained at least 72 hours before boarding. K-ETA is an online electronic travel authorization that visa-free foreign visitors need to obtain prior to arrival to Republic of Korea. K-ETA costs ~8 USD. How to apply and how to check the result: https://www.k-eta.go.kr/portal/apply/index.do

COVID-19 Travel Rules

Health insurance: You are recommended to purchase travel insurance in your country that covers the COVID-19-related costs before coming to Korea.

South Korea will lift a 7-day quarantine requirement for unvaccinated arrivals from June 8.

Pre-Departure COVID-19 PCR/RAT Test

Passengers must have:
- a negative COVID-19 LAMP, NAAT, NEAR, PCR, RT-PCR, SDA or TMA test taken at most 2 days before the departure date from the first embarkation point; or
- a negative COVID-19 rapid antigen test taken at most 1 day before the departure date from the first embarkation point.
The test certificate must:
- be in English, Korean or accompanied by a certified English or Korean translation; and
- have the name of the passenger which must match the name in the passport, the date of birth or passport/ID number and the name of the issuing laboratory; and
- specify the date that the test was taken; and
- be uploaded at https://cov19ent.kdca.go.kr/ or be printed.

This does not apply to passengers younger than 6 years.

Passengers with an A-1 visa, an A-2 visa, or a Self-Isolation Exemption Certificate must install the 'self-check mobile app' found at http://ncov.mohw.go.kr/selfcheck before departure or upon arrival. 

Arrival COVID-19 PCR Test

- Overseas entrants must conduct the PCR test on the first day of arrival (in effect from July 25),
- Within 3 days of entering the country, you are advised to remain at your accommodation until you receive the NEGATIVE test result.
- You are highly recommended to take the Arrival COVID-19 (PCR) Test at the Incheon Int’l Airport Testing Centers upon arrival. It would be more efficient for you in terms of time, cost, and communication.
- Please make a reservation in advance for a testing slot according to your expected arrival time at https://safe2gopass.com/.
- You need to submit your email address to receive the test result (For Incheon Airport Testing Centers).
- In the case of testing at other medical institutions, you may need a Korean mobile phone number to receive it via SMS.
- You can proceed to your hotel in Busan on the day that you arrive at ICN airport (using public transportation such as trains, subways, taxis, etc.).
- You are advised to remain at your accommodation until you receive the NEGATIVE test result.

Mandatory wearing of the mask

- Wear a KF94 mask:
-- Every indoor (including transportation),
-- Outdoor public facilities with more than 50 people / difficult to maintain at least 1m distance.
- Check your health conditions in the morning and evening every day for 7 days and visit the nearest medical institute if there are suspicious symptoms of COVID-19 such as fever and coughing, etc.

Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) is recommended on the 6th ~ 7th day after entry to South Korea

- (RAT method) Self-screening or visit medical institution (if the self-test result is positive, visit a public health center),
- However, arrivals over the age of 60 years can undergo PCR test at public health clinic or screening center.

Haeundae Bumin Hospital: PCR & RAT tests are available (Address: 584 Haeun-daero, Haeundae-gu, Busan).

When you show symptoms of COVID-19

- Do not come to the event venue, BEXCO, and stay isolated in your room.
- Conduct a COVID-19 self-test (can be purchased at convenience stores).
- If the result of your self-test is POSITIVE, please report it by calling 1339 / 1330 / 1345. Then, you will be advised to go to the public health center to conduct the supervised RAT/PCR test.
- Wear a KF94 mask at all times and avoid any forms of contact with others.

When confirmed POSITIVE from the official PCR/RAT test

- You will receive further instructions from the public health center where you got tested.
- You will be instructed to go through a 7-days self-quarantine at an accommodation that accepts it.


Required vaccinations (except for Covid19)

Vaccinations are not required.

Recommended Health and Vaccination precautions: Malaria prophylaxis: malaria risk, exclusively due to P. vivax, is limited and exists mainly in the northern areas of Gangwon Do and Gyeonggi-do Provinces and Incheon City (towards the Demilitarized Zone or DMZ). Recommended prevention: A.