Dear IAU member,

I write to update you on a revision to the revised IAU Code of Conduct. The IAU Executive Committee has had extensive discussions after the initial revised Code of Conduct was posted. I received about three dozen emails from individuals, invited the IAU Executive Committee Working Groups on Equity and Inclusion and on Women in Astronomy to provide comments and suggest revisions, and talked with many others. Many thanks to all of you who took the time to communicate with the IAU or me directly.

As a result of all the input, both positive and negative, we have revised the Code of Conduct to eliminate wording that was interpreted in a way we did not intend and to emphasize that the policy applies to IAU-related events.

You can read the revised Code of Conduct online with the changes in Section 3 on p.6.

Thank you for helping to ensure that we are operating in a way that promotes fair treatment for everyone at our IAU-related activities.

Best wishes,
Debra Elmegreen
IAU President